About Us

These Guys...Who are they?

You can ask — who are these guys? Why they are doing it? Why they write essays? Here is our story.

Years ago we were just like you. We wanted to party, to have the time of our lives and not think about MLA style or thesis statement. Back then there was nobody to help us out. College turned us into geeks and made us learn to write essays. But we've madee a promise - one day we'll save the world from essay writing. Forever.

We've gone through the essay hell and survived. We've learnt through the 9 circles of essay writing — research, brainstorming, introduction, thesis, paragraph transitions, conclusions, citations, proofreading and revisions. We've learnt to write the essays that impress professors. And the day has come. We realized that we were ready. We will save college students from essay writing. Why?

Just because we can!

Our mission possible: